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3 Wise Nugs

Have a good understanding of what you want and don’t want so that you don’t need to contradict your happiness along the way. Your own wellbeing comes first before anything else. If you feel yourself drooping during your efforts towards success, take a break. You will achieve better success than you ever will. Be open-minded and flexible. Accept others as well as yourself so that you are not burdened by judgements.

Interview With Joey Browne!

When did you start dancing? A: As early as 3 years old. As far back as my memory goes, so does dancing.   What made you decide you wanted to make this your career? A: It seemed to unfold as I became a young adult. I worked in various fields, but the arts and music always held me firmly along the way and it was such a priority for me.. Read More

Margaret Cho: Speech Outline

Exposition: announcement of releasing her book: I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight “this book is not for laughs if that’s what you’re looking for”   Rising action: maintaining a career with the painful past behind her, feeling fragile and unstable at all times   Climax: “In this book I declare war.” Fighting in the war against homophobia, racism, sexism, etc. Fighting for self-expression and identity describing past   Falling action:.. Read More

Blog Response #3: Harrison Bergeron

I believe the short story did a better job at portraying the emotions and atmospheric vibes behind the Harrison Bergeron narrative. Often when I’m reading a story or watching a film, I rely on the feelings that are delivered to myself as the reader. Harrison Bergeron gives off a very melancholy and peculiar vibe. The film displays everything while on the other hand, the short story leaves the reader wondering how.. Read More

Introducing Margaret Cho

Yet another year of eminent, as well as my last. For my last year of TALONS, I introduce Margaret Moran Cho as my eminent person. A bisexual Korean-American actress, comedian, producer, political activist, and author. As a bisexual Korean-Canadian female myself, her eminence empowers me. Without further ado, my eminent person!   Margaret was born in a small and diverse neighbourhood in San Francisco on December 5, 1968. She grew up.. Read More

Blog Response #2: Racism

As a person of colour myself, there is plenty I relate to in this letter David Suzuki wrote to his grandchildren. I think that especially as time goes by, racism becomes evidently clashed against. However, systematic oppression lives on and is continually perpetuated even by those impacted by it. David Suzuki mentions a time he encountered a Chinese Canadian woman who had experienced racial oppression herself. Despite that, she talks about.. Read More

Blog Response #1: Emil

You can’t help but make assumptions observing a homeless man on the street stealing plants from private property. Stuart McLean’s “Emil” is a short story encircling the life of a homeless man named Emil. It is a great representation of how assumptions are often a reflection of one’s privilege and systematic hierarchy. Morley, a character who develops a meaningful relationship with Emil, is not someone who is quick to judge.. Read More

Sophie’s World: Scene 1

Sophie’s temptations win over her patience to follow the path in the forest to where the philosopher may be living. She intrudes into the cabin she comes across which is an action I can never relate to—moreover a sketchy cabin in the woods across a swampy lake. Even whilst trespassing, she steals something from the property. It was a letter and although her name had been written on it, it.. Read More


My bedroom is like a pack of felts that had all run out of ink. Despite the disorderly clutter, it is desolate and abandoned as if a thriving species had gone extinct within a split second. A muffled hint of sweetness tickles my nose, to be dominated by the bold scent of burnt out candles. My lifeless eyelids droop as my ears twitch in reaction to the lively sounds of.. Read More

The Withered Flower

Prompt: I was exhausted   A withered flower gazes at me under my drooping eyelids. I struggle to examine it properly but all that comes to mind when studying this wilted plant is none other than myself. The glaring sun seemingly thrusts me down increasingly closer to the earth as I attempt to hoist my leg up for at best, one more step. My surroundings begin to muffle as if.. Read More