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DoL #2: Independent Investigation

My interest for the indigenous communities that are existing today have evidently began growing and the film we watched in class really got my thoughts going. It was intriguing to hear about Louis Riel’s life and how much impact he had on our history. Another extremely interesting thing to consider was that to some he was a hero whereas to others, he was considered a villainous figure. He was a big.. Read More

DoL #1: Canada’s Identity???

1. During our various class discussions on Canadian identity, diversity was one of the most frequented topics. In contrast to other countries, this is in fact true; however there are valid reasons as to why it should be. The event(s) I chose was the Liberals pledging to accept at least 25,000 refugees, back in 2015 near the time of the election. In 2016, the Liberals kept their word and admitted approximately.. Read More

Post #2: Sourcing a Significant Personal Object

1. Inquiry Question What is the story of the build-a-bear stuffy gifted to me by Charlotte? 2. Source This source is a primary source because it was created by my friends Charlotte, Emily, Sophia, and Aislyn at build-a-bear, and purchased by Charlotte. They chose out the clothing and stuffed the stuffy themselves as well. The voice recording inside the paw of the stuffy was recorded by Charlotte, Sophia, and Aislyn themselves. 3. Context.. Read More

Post #1: Historical Thinking

A recurring theme from Socials 9 was that history repeats itself. Branching off of that, I think this year we could really focus on seeing what we get out of mistakes we made in the past, and how it impacts us as people of the present and future. History is made up of created legacies stacked up on one another. Each legacy leaves an impression and impact and how they.. Read More

Romeo and Juliet Act II: Critical Response

1. I believe that Romeo and Juliet are engaging in a more mature love rather than an immature and childish one. This is because Juliet is rather blunt and honest about the circumstances they are in if they were to get married. Rather than spending the night daydreaming about Romeo, upsettingly, she states how in order to avoid the circumstances, Romeo must either “‘deny [his] father and refuse [his] name,’”.. Read More

ZIP Document of Learning #3:

My progress so far has been going great and I started working on binding my chapbook. However I’m currently in a slight dilemma between different layouts and styles. I think I will figure that out in our next work block. Although I’m a terrible drawer, I will still be adding my own illustrations mainly because I have specific images that come up in my mind for the poems. I want.. Read More

ZIP Document of Learning #2:

In this document of learning I’ll be reflecting on my inquiry question and how it has become more focused and reaffirmed by my research. My inquiry question: What are the steps one might consider when self publishing their own poems? Towards the beginning of my research I mainly focused on the literal steps one might take when publishing their own poems. For example you could research markets to submit your.. Read More

How I Can Be a 360° Leader

One of the many things I can apply to my life from this book is to see everyone as a 10. I can do this by focusing on people’s strengths rather than their weaknesses. Everybody has their own flaws but I can always work to see the potential they have in them, and see what type of great leader they may be able to become. For instance, if I am.. Read More

ZIP Document of Learning #1:

For our first work block I mainly worked on creating my rubric. The competencies I’ve chosen are: Assess and refine texts to improve their clarity, effectiveness, and impact according to purpose, audience and message Transform ideas and information to create original texts Respond to text in personal, creative, and critical ways   Assess and refine texts to improve their clarity, effectiveness, and impact according to purpose, audience and message: Since.. Read More