A. Main Focus

Where are you in socials?

I only recently started gaining interest in social studies in 8th grade. I think this was because of the way we had approached socials that year. It was extremely different compared to my past school years with socials and it captured my attention in a snap. That year we discussed a lot of controversial topics, and many things that related to sociology.

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Nurture VS Nature

It sparked a completely different side of me that I had not knew existed, since I was never very fond of socials.
Although I haven’t really learned in depth about a lot of these (especially the religions), here are some other things I’ve learned or lightly skimmed throughout the years of middle school:

  • Ancient civilizations
  • Olympics
  • Religions: Roman Catholic (Greek Orthodox), Hindu, Sikh, Christianity, Muslim, Hebrew Israelites, Judaism
  • Feudal System
  • Canadian Politics
  • Renaissance (mainly Leonardo Da Vinci)
  • etc…


Where are you going?

    Having experienced the action-packed year of socials in 8th grade, I think I pretty much have some set ideas on what really captures my attention. I would like to learn about history that’s not opinionated whatsoever. I don’t want to learn from anyone’s perspective; I would like to learn the precise facts on what actually happened.I would also like to learn and discuss controversial issues. Whether it be relating to history, religion, conflict between countries,

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“Discussing” controversial topics be like:

or an ideology, I really enjoy listening to, learning, and discussing these kind of controversies.



Somewhat relating to controversial issues and history, I would also like to really focus on sociology. I would like to have strong opinions, and have a critical mind that’s able to judge what’s right or wrong based on “right” morals. I also think that learning current events are extremely crucial especially for the kids of this generation. I think we should all know what’s going on in the world we’re living in—including some things that people might consider “nothing to do with us,” because eventually, things that might be considered extremely important for some people can be forgotten. Even if it’s something I had already learned in middle school, I would like to learn some things more thoroughly from a different approach.



B. 2nd Focus

What interests you about this topic?


I don’t have many reasons on why I’m specifically interested in these topics. They just so happened to gain my interest a lot more than other topics.





In history, I see a lot of different versions of the same story. There are countless numbers of perspectives in whatever the main thing is, and I think that’s the part I find the most interesting. I also think it is important for everyone to know of all the people who had been oppressed and victimized in the past.


The main reason I want to go deeper into controversial issues is because I get very amused by different opinions and ideas. When discussing these topics, I try to keep an open mind and I make an effort to consider every single opinion/argument even if it is something that people might consider utter nonsense.

Lastly, I believe that having my own thoughts and opinions gives myself more definition as an individual. I believe that there are a lot of things I can gain in life through “right” morals and critical thinking.


What challenges you about this topic?


In a subtle or evident way, all the things I’ve listed in main focuses have to do with stating my own opinions and making up thoughts of my own. I think this will be quite challenging because it takes time to think things through in depth.


People silently judging me

It will also be hard for me because of what other people’s opinions might be. It’s like a fashion trend—(hypothetically) people might go strongly against sandals with socks but I might really like the look of sandals with socks. Other people may have complete opposite thoughts from me, so it might make me want to conceal my thoughts from the chance of being judged and frowned upon.



C. 3rd Focus

What have we done so far that relates to your main focuses or 2nd focus Q?

So far in class we’ve discussed morals, “right” opinions, and how history is written by the winners. I personally think this was a great start to socials because it almost included everything I was interested in.