This project was one of the main reasons why I wanted to come to TALONS in the first place. I didn’t even have a plan on what I was going to do at the time, but I just really loved the idea of the project itself. After a long while of contemplating on what I should do, I came up with songwriting and composition. I chose this because I thought that this would be the only thing that would be challenging for me because what can I say:






I’m good at everything.

Ha. It’s actually hard to find anything that isn’t challenging for me.

When I first started thinking about what I should do for this project, I always threw the idea of making music into the back of my head because I knew it wasn’t within my comfort zone. I thought about cooking, knitting, different genres of dancing (because I already do hip-hop/street jazz), and even massaging until Sophia and I decided we should make a YouTube channel together. We eventually called that idea off because we decided it would be too complicated to show our progress and split the work evenly. We will still have a YouTube channel together but that will all be for Sophia’s in-depth project. From there, I immediately turned to the idea that was kept in the back of my head through all of this: making music.

I’m honestly still a bit afraid to continue on with this project because I’m not that comfortable with sharing my final products. However, I’ve always wanted to try this out and I know—I’m 99.9% sure—that there will be no procrastination involved in this project (except for maybe the blogposts) because it’s something that I actually want to do. I also made a promise with myself that when I come to TALONS I will make myself step out of my comfort zone.

I’ve always been into anything art-related so I wanted to do something that I would be able to express myself in, other than dance or drawing. Once the project is over, I want this to be an everlasting hobby of mine, and I think it would be really cool to have a collection of my own songs. Ever since I was little, I had a tendency of turning everything into songs that made no sense whatsoever (for example the pussy cat song which all of my friends know because I still sing it 24/7). For the most part however, I want to learn how to make legitimate songs that my friends won’t hate me for, and I myself won’t feel bad about.

My main focuses will be composing music, and writing lyrics. I will be using Garage Band for the most part because I already have it, and it’s what most beginners use when they’re starting out. I will probably use different instruments here and there as well.

I will be taking notes of my random ideas I have whenever I get the chance to—hopefully daily—so that I can put them together for when I’m writing lyrics. At the end of every week, I will be writing a short entry reflecting back on everything. I will also be blogging bi-weekly including pictures of my notes and ideas (if they were interesting), and short audio clips of my progress if possible.

My mentor hasn’t exactly responded with a certain answer yet, but assuming she can be my mentor, I’ll just briefly introduce her. She is part of the Planet Protector Academy which is a digitally led program that teaches kids about the environment in a fun way. They are also a non-profit charity and they go around to elementary schools to put on shows about saving the environment. My (potential) mentor makes all of the music for their shows and videos on YouTube, as well as being one of the characters in the shows/videos. I know her because she is one of my close friend’s mom, and even before I met my friend, they performed for our elementary school almost every year.

Overall, I’m really excited to start my project. After writing this blog post I was reminded of how much I wanted to do this. I really hope this becomes a stress free escape for when I want to procrastinate (and then I’ll have an excuse to do it because it’s still school work). Can’t wait to get started!