In-depth night is creeping closer and closer. It feels like I just started this project but looking back I’ve made a lot more progress than I had pictured myself! Despite countless obstacles that are still ongoing, I managed to keep on working on at least a bit throughout the days. As for my mentorship I cannot express how thankful I am for having met and gotten closer to Adam. Since we are direct next door neighbours, we now have a very meaningful relationship with one another including him with my family. He helped me continue on with this project from start to end because he was my source of inspiration for passion throughout the process.


De Bono

As for my final meeting with my mentor, I brought over a few snacks and my laptop. I played a few of the things I had been working on and he really enjoyed them. He mentioned how he comes from a classical background and how my tracks had more of a hip-hop feel to them.

As De Bono had stated how concepts are the parents of practical ideas, I can think of a few examples related to this in situations with my mentor. For example, if listening was the concept, active listening was the practical idea. To go further in, when Adam explained to me what active listening was, as De Bono had suggested, I asked him if the concept was listening to the music as a whole and he said it was correct.

My mentor offering to call his friend that’s a producer to allow me to record my song in a studio rather than on my laptop through a cheap mic was an alternative he provided me with. Another alternative he had offered me before was to allow me to attend his music classes in replacement of the meetings, since I always had a really busy schedule. However, we made it through and the classes occurred during school hours so I couldn’t check out any of them. Lastly, he had offered to nearly finish making my song for me which I had to kindly decline because it was my project and would defeat the purpose.

If I had been with another mentor, they perhaps could’ve lent me their own recording studio. Another possibility would be if they specialized in making modern electronic music, they could’ve offered some of their more professional equipment such as a MIDI or a launchpad. Lastly, they could also potentially offer me a better software than Garage Band for me.


Overall, I have pretty much completed my project and now there is just some wrapping up and polishing to do. This was a great experience for me and despite many obstacles along the way, I managed to get through and complete things. My overall goals I’ve set for this project had luckily all been achieved and I’m glad to have taken this on.