Margaret Cho

Her own website containing personal and professional information about her. It has a lot of info on the work she’s done in the past and her upcoming works, including the dates of them.


Contains her professional profile as an actress, producer, and writer. Cites all of her history and experience in filmography, and provides a detailed summary on her personal life.


An article on some controversy between her and actress Tilda Swinton. This post shows the emails between her and Tilda, showing her stance and beliefs on the representation of asians and other POC in media.

Hollywood Today Live

A short interview on Hollywood Today Live with her stance on Donald Trump, the sexualization of females, the representation of Asians in Hollywood, and how her stand-up comedy portrays her beliefs.

The View

An interview on The View regarding whitewashing and current politics.


An article on Margaret’s past with mental illnesses, substance abuse, and rehab. It also contains info on her upcoming tour and how it correlates with her past with these topics.


A review of her stand-up comedy and how fierce and impactful it can be. It shows the relations between her comedy and social justice issues.

Express and Star

An interview article on her social activism. She also addresses Harvey Weinstein and how important it is for the victims to be stepping forward about it. It also regards the empowerment of women and how we could all contribute to promote equality.


An interview article on her past with sexual abuse and how it has impacted her throughout the years. She talks deeply about mental illnesses and how she has dealt/is dealing with them.


An interview article regarding her past as a sex worker and how it correlates with her dark past as a rape victim. She heavily addresses the problems with the sexualization of women in society and media.