The question I’d like to pursue through this process is:

What are the steps one might consider when self publishing their own poems?

I really enjoy putting my emotions into words that I cannot really say aloud. I’ve always done it in my spare time as a hobby so just thinking about doing what I love to do for a school project is extremely exciting for me. Obviously this won’t be me just moving along nilly-willy with no structure. I will be conducting actual research on what poets do when publishing their own poems and how they might be organized in a collection.

What I currently know about poetry is that there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong (unless you’re trying to write a specific type of poem like a haiku) and I absolutely admire that. It is usually very personal to the artist themselves and is them just expressing themselves in their very own eccentric ways. I don’t write poems to impress people but for my own keepsake. That way I can express myself with no filter and indulge in the experience of writing poetry just by itself. A skill I currently have that may help with this project is not really considered a skill, is that I’m a very emotional person. I feel emotions very strongly and that is really encouraging for me to put them into words on a sheet of paper.

One thing I am especially eager to have improved on by the end of this project is writing poetry with the use of more effective language. I’d also like to learn how to specifically organize poems into collections so that their mood and significance are accurately portrayed. My goal is to have my poems organized into collections so that in the future I can look back and read them over, almost as if they’re diary entries.

Charlotte is an extremely talented writer and I will definitely reach out for help and advice during this process. Another obvious person I can go to is Mr. Morris for guidance when I’m lost. I also have a few poetry books by my favourite poets that I can use as reference for when I’m conducting my research on how poems might be published and organized.

My final product will be a chapbook. It will be divided into different parts where my poems will be organized appropriately according to their portrayal. For my presentation I likely won’t be reading them aloud because they are too personal and sensitive to share, but I might read some that I don’t mind sharing. I will be presenting the production of the chapbook and describing the type of research I’ve done and how I’ve applied them.

Day  Task

Dec 8th

Work on completing the rubric

Start researching what I might consider when self-publishing poems


Dec 11

Conduct research on self-publishing poems

Research on chapbooks


Dec 15

 Complete and finalize the poems that will go into the chapbook, refine and check-over

Plan the pages and formatting of the chapbook


Dec 18

 Start making the chapbook!

Dec 22

 Complete the chapbook

I will constantly be working on poems every day and will likely be conducting research here and there when questions come up outside of the work-blocks.

I am off to write me some more of me poems!!! :))