My progress so far has been going great and I started working on binding my chapbook. However I’m currently in a slight dilemma between different layouts and styles. I think I will figure that out in our next work block. Although I’m a terrible drawer, I will still be adding my own illustrations mainly because I have specific images that come up in my mind for the poems. I want to express my poems in a way that is very true to their own form. For my chapbook I am certain that I want a leather cover so I will be getting a few more materials that I’m missing tomorrow after I make up my mind.


What I’d want to tell myself before I started this project is to definitely just focus on writing whatever comes to mind and what’s true to my present emotions. I think that I had a lot of troubles writing some poems because I tried to have the same number of them in every category and it was way too difficult. I’ve come to realize that it doesn’t matter how many poems are in each section because this chapbook is pretty much just a reflection of my own emotions that I have experienced this past year. There are far more poems in the section “Hurting” compared to “Bliss”. I’ve come to accept that because I know myself that for me, 2017 was a mess.

As for the number of poems I had, I got rid of many of them because they either were too personal, or I just didn’t like it anymore.


I’m really excited to bind my chapbook! I think it’s going to be something I’d treasure for a long time. I’m definitely doing this again.:))))))