I feel that the time has come for me to finally step down from politics. As much as I want to, I am far too ill for anymore work. I have done everything I could to fulfill my aspirations up there, and I am proud to say I am happy where I am now. Everything is going the right path and I can leave the rest of this new nation’s fate in the hands of who I consider a son, John A. Macdonald. He knows exactly what he’s doing and I am confident that confederation will be achieved in good terms with our mother nation, the Kingdom of Britain. Before I completely take my hands off of politics, I would like to present some reassurances and reminders.

As a French Canadian myself, I need people to understand that deep down in our roots and blood, we are very evidently monarchists and conservatives. It is displayed in the way we behave, speak, and what we believe in. It’s important to defend the Crown, as they keep us up on our feet. You do not have to be part of the Rebellion in order to support confederation. Confederation will make us a nation with our own identity while maintaining the core beliefs of the Kingdom of Britain. We must stay loyal to our queen and show her that we can very well be our own functioning nation, while staying by her side. Again, we are all part of the Kingdom of Britain in our habits, by our laws, and by our religions.

Additionally, confederation will not steal the provinces’ individual identities. The autonomy will very well be preserved along with all of their values. During the Quebec conference we have spoken to ensure that provinces will have their very own form of independence in a way, while they are also all united as one. I believe that this will give such great power to our nation. All of the different beliefs and values of the provinces will be presented to each other and they will be able to practice them as they did, while bonding and uniting with one another. There is really no need to worry. You will all keep your autonomy amongst your own provinces.

Lastly, we must protect our nation. We are a very special group of people who are part of the Kingdom of Britain as well as just Canadian citizens. It is who we are. However, the American civil war is ongoing and far too fierce for our individual colonies to fend for ourselves. If we all unite our powers while keeping our own individualities, we can prevent annexation by the US. We are Canadian and coherently, we are also under the Crown. We are not American and we will never be if we follow the correct path.

As an ending note, I leave you off with one thing: Je me souviens.